Jenis-jenis obat batuk yang terkait dengan batuk yang berdahak dan tidak berdahak yang dibahaskan di sini adalah mukolitik, ekspektoran dan antitusif. Recommend Documents. ANTITUSIF, EKSPEKTORAN, MUKOLITIK DAN NASAL ยท Antitusif, Mukolitik, Ekspektoran. n. Dekongestan Nasal. Antitusif, Ekspektoran, Mukolitik & Nasal Dekongestan. kin. ANTITUSIF, EKSPEKTORAN, MUKOLITIK DAN NASAL

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These drugs also cause drying action mukosa channel everywhere that may be useful for example, in bronkorea or disadvantage for example, if bronkial secretions have been many. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

Ekspetoran Ekspektoran drug is intended to help remove the secretions from the channel bronkial people with lower viskositasnya. Irigasi Nasal Ekspektodan Nasal. Pathway Tumor Nasal lp. Kalium yodida -Ekspektoran tua -Menurunkan viskositas mukus -Kontra indikasi: Eferen drugs on the side of this secretion may be more easily removed, so increasing the efficiency of the mechanism of cough. Most cough medicines are grouped into categories antitusif and ekspektoran. Agent antitusif central menginhibisi working with the cough reflex cough center or center madularis higher.


Atropine is not used because it causes the secretion bronkial. Nasal Vestibulitis Surya Ekspektoran drug is intended to help remove the secretions from the channel bronkial people with lower viskositasnya. The dosage is much lower than the dose emetik. Antitusif work may be explored on the peripheral side aferen or aferen cough reflex.

cough therapy | Dedicated for love

Ekspektlran, Mukolitik, Ekspektoran n. Mauser 71 Mauser Antihistamin no role in the therapy of cough. In most patients, these drugs can aggravate obstruksi channel everywhere.

Notify me of new comments via email. Hipertensi, DM, Hiperlipidemia, dll. You are commenting using your WordPress. In the aferan, antitusif may reduce the input stimuli act as painkillers or anestetik light on mukosa everywhere, with the output and modify viskositas fluid lines everywhere, and with muscle merelaksasi plain bronkus if there bronkospasme.

SITE To antiutsif the functioning of the site, we use cookies. Bronkodilator for example, ephedrine and theophylline can be used if the cough Update by bronkospasme. So cough, especially intended to cause basically. Antitusif work, including other central chlophedianol, levopropoxyphene, and methadone and morphine in the drug group.

Amonium klorida – Biasa digunakan sbg kombinasi dgn obat lain – Dpt menyebabkan asidosis metabolik pd ds besar – Ds lazim mg tiap 4 jam 2.


Action drying mukosa pernapasannya may help in the phase of self kongestif acute coryza but may be dangerous, especially in patients with cough nonproduktif the etrjadi retention as a result of thick secretions.

Most cough medicines are grouped into categories antitusif and ekspektoran Anti Tusif 1.

We share information about your activities on the site with our partners and Google partners: Email required Address never made public. Guaifenesin mg oeroral q h is a much ekspektoran the most used drug in a cough-free. Mengencerkan sekret sal napas dgn memecah mukoprotein dan mukopolisakarida.

IJMS – Indonesian Journal on Medical Science

eispektoran Gliseril Guaiakolat – Pemakaian hanya berdasarkan pengalaman empiris -Efek membersihkan mukosiliar – Ds kali mg 3. The most common drugs used in this group is codeine and dextromethorphan.

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