Angelus ad virginem. Subintrans in conclave. Virginis formidinum. Demulcens inquit “Ave.” Ave regina virginum, Coeliteraeque dominum. Concipies Et paries. Sub intrans in conclave, Virginis formidinem. Demulcens, inquit: Ave! Ave regina virginum; Caeli terraeque Dominum Concipies Et paries intacta. Salutem. Listen to Angelus ad Virginem with a words, sheet music, and a translation.

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Angelus ad virginem

The text of the song is essentially a poetic enhancement of the Hail Mary. It has been found virginemm several different English hymn books from the 14th century and is believed to have been of Irish Franciscan origin. Your browser does not support the audio element. Listen to Angelus ad Viginem Latin Lyrics: Angelus ad Virginem, Subintrans in conclave.

Virginis formidinem, Demulcens inquit: Tu porta Coeli facta, Medella criminum. Qualiter infringerem, Quae firma mente vovi? Ne timeas, virinem gaudeas, secura, Quod castimonia, Manebit in te pura, Dei potentia.


Angelus ad Virginem (Anonymous)

Tibi coelesti nuntio, Tanta secreti conscio, Consentiens et cupiens videre, Factum quod audio. Parata sum parere, Dei consilio.

Qui, circumdatus utero, Novem mensium numero. Hinc exiit et iniit conflictum, Affigens humero, Crucem, qua dedit ictum, Hosti mortifero.

Tuum exora Filium, Ut se nobis propitium, Exhibeat, et deleat peccata, Praestans auxilium, Vita frui beata, Post hoc exsilium. The angel appeared to the Virgin, While entering into her chamber. He calmed her fear, When he said to her: The Lord of Heaven and Earth, You will conceive and give birth unharmed, Bringing the salvation of mankind.

Angelus ad Virginem (Anonymous) – ChoralWiki

You will be the Door of Heaven, The remedy for all crimes. How can I break, What I have firmely vowed?

Do not fear but rejoice securely, Because chastity, Will remain undefiled in you, Through virgine, power of God. By your heavenly announcement, I became aware of so many secrets, I give my consent and want to see, Accomplished what I heard.


In her womb He lied enclosed, For nine months. From it He came forth entering the battle, He fastened His shoulders, On the cross, which gave the blow, Fatal to the enemy.