Planetstrike, “a game of glorious invasions and desperate last stands” the long- awaited expansion to 40K that has had players drooling in anticipation since. Myself and a couple friends are gonna try a planetstrike game this coming week Warhammer 40k is a franchise created by Games Workshop. In a game of Planetstrike, the players take on specific roles – one player is the attacker, attempting to wrest control of a planet, and the other is the defender, who.

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Only the vigilant can hope to survive the plwnetstrike threat of invasion, their gaze ever turned toward to skies, ready for war. Things like 6 elites for the attacker and 6 heavy suppport choices for the defender and much more are guaranteed to peak players interest ,and produce some very plantstrike games. That’s not to say that games cannot be planetstriks atthe usual range, but I strongly recommend not playing belowas the Stratagems and initial Firestorm become much more overpowered at this level – Planetstrike games should be moving at such pace, after some games to familiarise yourself with the basics, that even a point game could be completed in a day without any difficulty.

He destroyed all the turrets too. Now, to discuss more in depth about the game in general, if that’s not too mind-blowing a contradiction in terms.

The Dark Eldar and Space Wolves are standouts in this department, with a bunch of intriguing hints and information. You do not know where the attack is planetstri,e from yet, so be prepared to be attacked from any edge.

Many of the strongholds used in a Planetsrike are several thousand years old, and have changed hands time and time again In the same vein as Cities of Death, the book mainly covers large attacker-defender style missions, instead of the balanced missions with no plznetstrike roles we get in the standard rulebook.

The most basic, it is the template for the others. In that case I would go 2: The rules are clean, and work with the core rulebook well.

Okay, first an introduction: It opens up the game to include new playstyles that let you use your existing minis 4k in new ways. Finally, it speeds the game up, since your strategy will be more coordinated.


We got destroyed turn 1. Planetstrike goes Digital Larry Vela September 10, The rules simply suggest that the attacker has points then the defender. The first mission, the one most often discussed is the ‘Planetfall’ mission.

The idea behind Planetstrike is to represent the invasion re-claiming?

Warhammer 40k Planetstrike Games Workshop GW

Submit a new link. The next mission is ‘Desperate Assault’, think a beachhead being established. Fluff and Painting Section Next up a large section covers many famous invasions of the 40th Millenium, covering every race out there. Each one must be a fortress against the void, lest alien warlords and renegade generals claim them for their own.

Finally we hit the obligatory crazy color battle plates chock full of pretty pics. Inside its pages is an array of information, from Planetstrike Detachments and Warlord Traits to unique stratagems and missions based around the conquest of worlds.

40k Planetstrike for WH40k 7th Ed –

DO NOT post planetstrrike values for weapons and upgrades in your army lists, only the total point value of the unit. Hello, have you found a good ratio planetstrjke on your experiences yet? The first thing that you have to realise as a defender is planetstriike the enemy can come in from any edge, or even deep strike in to the middle of the table. When is the last time you played a Planetstrike game? Similarly, it prevents any nasty surprises, as both players know what the other is using, and set boundaries and house rules accordingly.

While not as over the top as the Apocalypse books, we get to see every major race slugging it out in and around the new Planetstrike terrain sets. This is broken into 2 broad categories:. This subreddit for anything and everything related to Warhammer 40k Rules Be respectful DO NOT post point values for weapons and upgrades in your army lists, only the planetstrkie point value of the unit.

If you enjoy the drama of disparate roles for both players, or you feel the standard pickup-missions from the rulebook are getting a little old, you will love this product.

40K REVIEW: Planetstrike – Bell of Lost Souls

Strategems After the core rules, we move onto the Strategems. You could opt to go to ground. Page 13 of the Planetstrike book states “a Space Marine Assault Squad could both shoot its bolt pistols and launch an assault the turn it enters play. There are literally thousands of ways to play, and none of them are ‘wrong’. With differing sides and contrasting FOC tables, Planetstrike will require a little bit of pre-planning, and lends itself well to narrative gameplay or more organized playstyles than just simple pickup games.


I have recently finished reading my copy of Planetstrike and want to go over it in detail with you guys who may be debating whether its worth your time. Planetstrike plays the way Apocalypse was supposed to – if it’s cool, it should be represented on the table. The most important thing to get across about the book, however, is that this is ‘movie 40K’, as opposed to ‘ 40k’ of Apocalypse, or ‘Stalingrad 40K’ of Cities of Death.

Finally, a recommendation of something you should do: It’s not cheating, per se, but it’s pretty bad form. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The book goes on to cover the placement of objectives, how forces arrive on-table, and the attackers and defenders goals and objectives. Campaigns and Missions Next up is a short section that expands the default Planetstrike mission presented earlier into a full set of 6 missions with differing special rules and objectives for variety.

The second method is to keep as much of your force in reserve. Planetstrike as Defender The first thing that you have to realise as a defender is that the enemy can come in from any edge, or even deep strike in to the middle of the table. Lastly, it is cheaper and more accessable than Apocalypse supplements, being an add-on to the core game. I had a single commander left after attackers turn 1. Your email address will not be published. Also reserves give you a chance to counter attack. Discuss This Page in the Forums.